The NeoSystems’ team leverages NetSuite to enable organizations to manage IT costs, optimize accounting efficiency, streamline order management and procurement processes, eliminate manually-intensive spreadsheet-based reporting, and improve employee productivity.

NetSuite for Nonprofits

NeoSystems can help your nonprofit get more functionality and a greater return on investment from the NetSuite system by optimizing the ERP software for nonprofits.

ERP Software for Nonprofits

Regardless of your nonprofit’s mission, all organizations face numerous operational challenges and complexities far beyond those of commercial businesses. Between meeting government regulations, balancing volunteer responsibilities and stretching limited resources, nonprofits have enough on their plate even before considering software applications.

Many nonprofits actually do themselves a disservice by running disparate applications that fail to integrate with one another, impairing operational efficiency and increasing costs to the organization.

NetSuite offers a cloud-based software solution for nonprofits through a unified business management solution. With NetSuite’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) for nonprofit organizations, nonprofits can manage their operations from end-to-end with a single integrated application that is scalable to their needs. NetSuite solutions for nonprofits include:

  • Constituent Relationship Management: Empower your organization’s efforts with increased visibility of donors, volunteers, supporters, clients and other constituents. Keep track of everyone in a single centralized system that integrates into other NetSuite solutions.
  • Fundraising: From pledge to payment, manage and grow your revenue throughout the fundraising lifecycle.
  • Finance and Accounting: Financial management is the crux of any nonprofit organization. Improve efficiency with an accounting system designed to meet nonprofit organizations’ complex needs.
  • E-commerce: Have publications or fundraising items to sell online? NetSuite offers an e-commerce solution that integrates with its other modules to help you get your e-commerce fundraising efforts off the ground.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Complete reporting functions allow you to visualize and gain insights on your organization so you can make informed decisions.

These solutions bring real benefits to your non-profit organization, including seamless system integrations, improved operational visualizations, increased fundraising effectiveness, streamlined operations and faster communication. The result is a better system that increases your nonprofit’s efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum.

Non-Profit ERP Planning

Get More with NeoSystems

These features for nonprofits are an excellent start for your organization, but to get the most out of them, you need the right implementation. Poor implementation can result in general inefficiencies, making your ERP investment less effective. With expert ERP implementation consulting, your nonprofit can achieve more.

NeoSystems offers NetSuite consulting services for nonprofits. Our team of consulting and implementation professionals can use their combined ERP and nonprofit accounting experience to provide the most effective nonprofit NetSuite consulting services available. We can implement, host, or consult on your NetSuite systems, so your organization can increase efficiency and cut down on overhead costs.

No matter what you need to make your nonprofit more effective, NeoSystems can help. We don’t sell licenses — we sell solutions.

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