The NeoSystems’ team leverages NetSuite to enable organizations to manage IT costs, optimize accounting efficiency, streamline order management and procurement processes, eliminate manually-intensive spreadsheet-based reporting, and improve employee productivity.


With ERP systems increasingly offering overlapping data and functionality, systems integration is more than just a technical requirement; it is a best practice. We help organiations save money by reducing or eliminating duplicate data entry and minimize time spent reconciling discrepancies between different systems. In addition, our integration services streamline business processes and improve data access in support of data-driven decision making. Integration is vital to realizing the full benefits of any new technology solution. NeoSystems has extensive experience in integration diverse business systems and platforms including ERP, online portals, business intelligence and content management.

NeoSystems uses a structured approach to designing and implementing interfaces. We work with organizations and system vendors to:

  • Define new business processes to be enabled by the interface
  • Establish and articulate the data that must be exchanged between systems to support the new processes
  • Identify and evaluate interface options/methods
  • Manage development (if needed), procurement, testing, and implementation of the interface

NeoSysetms focuses on research and best practices to develop effective integrations. We value collaboration with your business and IT organization to create an integrated, enterprise-wide IT platform to suit your business needs. This approach enables us to execute everything from small, quick integrations to larger-scale turnkey projects.

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